Champion Point Guide

Hello Lovelies! I bet you are curious about what to do with Champion Points and learn about the new changes that have been made to the champion point system in ESO. This is a mini-guide to help you navigate through the new system updated with Update 29, which arrives on March 8th 2021 for PC and March 16th for consoles.

The Champion Points system is a way to attain bonuses for your characters by allocating points into various stars within constellations. The three constellations are Craft, Warfare, and Fitness and are represented by three guardians: The Thief (Green), Mage (Blue) and the Warrior (Red).

Champion Point Screen

Note that your champion points are equally divided between each constellation (i.e. if you have 900 points, you can only invest 300 points in each constellation). You can now earn up to a maximum of 3600 points to distribute accordingly. The points are accumulated in this order: Craft, Warfare and then Fitness.


First, you need to reach level 50 on a character. After that, your characters are able to earn Champion Points when you participate in activities that grant you experience. 

The good news is that if you have multiple characters above 50, the Champion Point system will match the maximum number of points of your highest Champion Point character. You can use those points to customize each character with the perks and passives you desire.

You can access your Champion Points in game by pressing the “+” key (this is the default) and that should open up your champion points panel. Otherwise, you can bring up your menu by pressing “I” and click on the icon on the top of your screen that looks like an eight pointed star with a circle around it. Champion System Icon

Each star has a certain number of stages that increase the effect granted by the star. Some stars have only 1 stage, and some have multiple, like 5. You will see a horizontal bar with divisions equal to the number of stages that the star has. As you put points into the star, you will see the text at the bottom update: “Spend x points to upgrade/unlock”. As you unlock more stages you will see the ‘Current bonus’ text update. You can see an example of this here:

Inspiration Boost Star


Below is a description of the three main constellations and a chart of the possible stars you can invest in.

Craft Constellation

The Craft constellation focuses on utility and crafting related bonuses.

NameDescriptionStagesTotal PointsType
Out of SightReduces the radius you can be detected while Sneaking by 1 meter per stage.330Passive
Gilded FingersIncreases your gold gained by 2% per stage550Passive
BreakfallReduces your fall damage taken by 7% per stage550Passive
Sustaining ShadowsReduces the cost of Sneak by 1% per stage5050Slottable
Professional UpkeepReduces the cost of repairing your armor by 1% per stage5050Slottable
Steed’s BlessingIncreases your out of combat Movement Speed by 0.4% per stage5050Slottable
Soul ReservoirWhen you resurrect yourself or another player you have a 33% chance to not consume a Soul Gem133Slottable
WandererReduces the cost of Wayshrine usage by 10% per stage575Passive
Fortune’s FavorIncreases the amount of gold you find in treasure chests and safeboxes by 10% per stage550Passive
Friends in Low PlacesRemoves 1000 gold from your bounty once per day when committing a crime where bounty is added. You must be level 50 for this passive to activate, and your current bounty must be at or greater than 1000 gold.125Slottable
Fleet PhantomReduces the Movement Speed penalty of Sneak by 5% per stage540Passive
InfamousIncreases the value of fenced items by 25%125Slottable
ShadowstrikeWhen you kill an enemy with Blade of Woe, you become invisible for 5 seconds after a short delay while distracting nearby enemies or potential witnesses. While under this effect you can cast Blade of Woe.175Slottable
Cutpurse’s ArtIncreases the chance to get higher-quality loot when pickpocketing.175Slottable
Fade AwayEscaping from a Guard wipes 25% of your current Heat, but not Bounty.150Slottable
Inspiration BoostIncreases your crafting inspiration gained by 10% per stage.345Passive
Meticulous DisassemblyImproves the chances of extracting Woodworking, Blacksmithing, Clothing, and Jewelery Crafting ingredients and allows the refining of more powerful resins, tempers, tannins, and platings from raw materials.150Slottable
Master GathererReduces the time it takes to harvest by 10% per stage.575Slottable
Treasure HunterIncrease the quality of items you find in treasure chests.150Slottable
Gifted RiderIncreases your Mount Speed by 2% per stage.5100Slottable
War MountImproves your mastery with mounts, removing all mount Stamina costs outside of combat.1120Slottable
Plentiful HarvestYou have a 10% chance to gain double the yield from normal resource nodes per stage.550Slottable
HomemakerYou have a 10% chance to find a second furnishing plan whenever you find a furnishing plan in the world.125Slottable
Steadfast EnchantmentYour Weapon Enchants decay 20% slower per stage.550Passive
RationerAdds 10 minutes to the duration of any eaten food or drink per stage.330Slottable
Liquid EfficiencyWhenever you use a potion or poison you have a 10% chance to not consume it.175Slottable
Angler’s InstinctsIncreases your chance of catching higher quality fish, akin to fishing with another player. This effect can stack with other similar bonuses.125Slottable
Reel TechniqueDecreases the time it take for a fish to bite by 25%150Slottable

Warfare Constellation

The Warfare constellation gives bonuses that enhance your PVE/PVP combat capabilities. You can raise your damage, healing and mitigation in both stamina and magicka flavors.

NameDescriptionStagesTotal PointsType
PrecisionGrants 160 Critical Rating per stage220Passive
Eldritch InsightGrants 260 Max Magicka per stage220Passive
Tireless DisciplineGrants 260 Max Stamina per stage220Passive
Arcane SupremacyIncreases Max Magicka by 26 per stage5050Slottable
Untamed AggressionIncreases your Weapon and Spell Damage by 3 per stage5050Slottable
Endless EnduranceIncreases your Max Stamina by 26 per stage5050Slottable
BlessedIncreases Healing Done by 1% per stage220Passive
Reaving BlowsWhen you deal Direct Damage you heal for 7% of the damage done150Slottable
Wrathful StrikesGrants 41 Weapon and Spell Damage to your damaging abilities per stage550Slottable
BackstabberIncreases your Critical Damage done by 2% per stage against enemies you are flanking550Slottable
Occult OverloadWhenever you kill an enemy under the effect of a status effect, they violently explode for 1037 Oblivion Damage per stage to all enemies in a 4 meter radius and applying a random status effect to each enemy hit.250Slottable
Fighting FinesseIncreases your Critical Damage and Critical Healing done by 4% per stage250Slottable
Focused MendingIncreases your Healing Done with single target heals by 2% per stage550Passive
Swift RenewalIncreases your Healing Done with healing over time effects by 2% per stage550Passive
Soothing TideIncreases your Healing Done by are of effect heals by 2% per stage550Passive
Cleansing RevivalHealing a target under 25% Health removes all harmful effects from them. Can occur once every 24 seconds150Slottable
ForesightAfter you drink a potion, the cost of your Magicka and Stamina healing abilities used within 6 seconds are reduced by 75%150Slottable
RejuvenatorGrants 41 Weapon and Spell Damage to your healing abilities per stage550Slottable
Staving Death Sub-Constellation
Quick RecoveryIncreases your Healing Taken by 1% per stage220Passive
HardyReduces the damage you take from Martial attacks by 1% per stage. Affects, Physical, Poison, Disease, and Bleed Damage220Passive
PreparationReduces damage taken from non-player attacks by 5% per stage220Passive
Elemental AegisReduces the damage you take from Magical attakcs by 1% per stage. Affects Magic, Flame, Frost, and Shock Damage220Passive
ResilienceGrants 132 Critical Resistance per stage550Slottable
IroncladReduces your damage taken by direct damage attacks by 3% per stage250Slottable
Extended Might Sub-Constellation
PiercingGrants Offensive Penetration per stage240Passive
Flawless RitualIncreases your chance to apply a Magical status effect by 30% per stage240Passive
Battle MasteryIncreases your chance to apply a Martial status effect by 30% per stage240Passive
War MageGrants 100 Weapon and Spell Damage to Magical attacks. Affects Magic, Flame, Frost, and Shock Damage130Passive
MightyGrants 100 Weapon and Spell Damage to Martial attacks. Affects Physical, Poison, Disease, and Bleed Damage130Passive
Deadly AimIncrease your damage done with single target attacks by 3% per stage250Slottable
ThaumaturgeIncreases your damage done with damage over time effects by 3% per stage250Slottable
Biting AuraIncreases your damage done with area of effect attacks by 3% per stage250Slottable
Duelists’ RebuffReduces your damage taken by single target attacks by 3% per stage250Slottable
Enduring ResolveReduces your damage taken by damage over time attacks by 3% per stage250Slottable
UnassailableReduces your damage taken by area of effect attackes by 3% per stage250Slottable
ReinforcedWhen you begin Bracing, you gain a damage shield that absorbs 5140 damage for 3 seconds. This effect can occur once every 10 seconds150Slottable
RiposteWhen you block an attack from an enemy within 7 meters, your next direct attack made within 5 seconds deals 33% additional damage. This effect can occur once every 5 seconds150Slottable
BulwarkWhile you have a Shield or Frost Staff equiped, your Spell and Physical Resistance is increased by 1900150Slottable
Last StandWhen you take damage below 20% Health you gain Major Heroism, granting 3 Ultimate every 1.5 seconds for 9 seconds. This effect can occur once every 9 seconds150Slottable
Cutting DefenseYou deal 274 Magic Damage to attackers whenever they damage you with a direct damage attack within 7 meters. This effect scales off the higher of your Physical or Spell Resistance and can activate your Weapon Enchantments and Poisons150Slottable

Fitness Constellation

The Fitness constellation grants you increased health and enhances core mechanics such as dodging, sprinting and blocking.

NameDescriptionStagesTotal PointsType
Boundless VitalityGrants 28 Max Health per stage5050Slottable
FortifiedGrants 34.6 Armor per stage5050Slottable
RejuvenationGrants 1.8 Health, Magicka, and Stamina Recovery per stage5050Slottable
TumblingReduces the cost of Roll Dodge by 120 Stamina per stage230Passive
SprinterReduces the cost of Sprint by 20 Stamina per stage220Passive
Tireless GuardianReduces the cost of Block by 20 Stamina per stage220Passive
Expert EvasionYour next Roll Dodge is free of cost. After consuming this effect, you cannot gain it again for 30 seconds150Slottable
DefianceReduces the cost of Break Free by 110 Stamina per stage220Passive
Mystic TenacityReduces the duration of Elemental Status Effects applied to you by 5% per stage550Passive
HastyIncreases movement speed when Sprinting by 2% per stage216Passive
Savage DefenseReduces the cost of Bash by 45 Stamina per stage230Passive
On GuardWhile under the effects of Crowd Control Immunity, increases the amount of damage you block by 2% per stage550Slottable
Nimble ProtectorIncreases your Movement Speed while Bracing by 3% per stage26Passive
FortificationIncreases the amount of damage you can block by 2% per stage230Passive
Rousing SpeedReduces the cost of Sprint by 50 Stamina per stage, while under the effects of Crowd Control Immunity550Slottable
Bashing BrutalityIncreases your Bash damage by 60 per stage220Passive
HardenedIncreases the duration of Crowd Control Immunity by 3% per stage550Slottable
Peace of MindIncreases Magicka and Health Recovery while under the effects of Crowd Control Immunity by 40 per stage550Slottable
JuggernautWhile under the effects of Crowd Control Immunity, you take 1% less damage per stage550Slottable
SlipperyWhen you are affected by a disabling effect, you automatically Break Free for no cost. After using this effect, you become Winded and cannot trigger this effect or others like it for 21 seconds150Slottable
UnchainedWhen you use Break Free, the cost of your next Stamina ability used within 5 seconds is reduced by 11% per stage550Slottable
Survival InstinctsWhile afflicted with a Status Effect, your core combat skills cost 5% less per stage550Slottable
Hero’s VigorGrants 280 Max Health per stage220Passive
Tempered SoulReturn to life after resurrection with 5% more resources per stage250Passive
Piercing GazeIncreases your Stealth Detection by 1 meter per stage330Passive
Shield MasterReduces the cost of your damage shield abilities by 2% per stage550Slottable
Strategic ReserveGain 30 Health Recovery for every 10 Ultimate you have150Slottable
Siphoning SpellsRestore 300 Magicka per stage, whenever you kill an enemy550Slottable
BastionIncreases the effectiveness of your damage shields and damage against shielded enemies by 3% per stage550Slottable
Bloody RenewalRestore 300 Stamina per stage, whenever you kill an enemy550Slottable
Spirit MasteryDecreases the time it takes to resurrect an ally by 33%150Slottable
Arcane AlacrityWhile under the effects of a damage shield your dodge roll costs 160 less stamina per stage550Slottable


Some stars are passive but most require you to slot them onto your champion bar to activate. If you invested enough points to unlock the first stage of the star, you can drag and drop it to your Champion Bar to have it active. You can only have a maximum of four slottable stars per constellation. You can change between multiple unlocked slottable stars different situations when needed.

Champion Bar



Enlightenment is a mechanic that gives your character a bonus towards earning champion points. You may notice it when you log on to a character and it is added to your account every day. It acts as a nice power boost when you participate in activities that grant you experience (eg. questing, killing mobs, doing dungeons, etc.). It also accrues over time so it can act as a catch-up mechanism for players that don’t play as often.


To reallocate your points you will need to go into champion point screen and then press ‘Redistribute’ at the bottom (default ‘F’). Then you will be able to change your point allocation around. If you confirm your changes you will be charged 3000g. You can exit out without confirming by clicking ‘Cancel Redistribute’ and you will not be charged anything.

Champion Point Calculator Mobile App

You can download a free app to calculate champion points for iPhone here: ESO Champion Point Calculator

  • Browse champion point stars in each of the constellations
  • Fill in champion points and keep track of slotted stars
  • Automatically find the shortest required path to all your target stars
  • Save multiple builds for all your characters