Home Storage

Introduced in Update 17, there are unique collectibles added to the game that allow you to store inventory items in your home. This page will give details on how home storage works and how to get the storage containers.

ESO Storage Container Appearance

Home storage – How it works

There are 8 collectible items available for purchase that you can place in your home that are able to contain inventory items

  • There are 4 large chests and 4 small coffers available
  • They can be purchased with master crafting writ vouchers (Writ Voucher), Tel Var Stones(Tel Var Stone), or from the Crown store
  • The large chests contain 60 items and the small coffers contain 30 items
  • There are 360 slots available in total
  • The chests and coffers have the same appearance, but different names
  • They count against the “Collectible Furnishings” count in your house
  • To use a storage furnishing, first travel to your home and navigate to the new Storage section of the Services category of the Housing Editor to place your collectible. Once you’ve placed a storage furnishing, you can use it at any time to deposit or withdraw items from that particular collectible. Each one has its own storage, which is separate from all other item storage.
  • Since these are collectibles, you can place each one in as many homes as you like, and will see the same items regardless of which home you open that particular chest or coffer in.
  • They are only accessible by you, they cannot be accessed by any visitors to your house
  • Unlike bank storage, ingredients stored in chests and coffers will not be used when crafting, and stored equipment will not appear in deconstruction, research, or upgrade windows at Crafting Stations.
  • You can name the containers to help with sorting items. For example you could name one container “Extra furnishings” and another container “Gear I might use someday”.
  • One of the storage coffers you earn via the Level Up Advisor (another new feature in Update 17) upon reaching level 18.
  • Upon purchasing, they appear in your collections and can not be traded to other players

Below you will find the details about the containers themselves.


Storage Chest

Storage Chest


  • Storage Chest, Fortified
  • Storage Chest, Oaken
  • Storage Chest, Secure
  • Storage Chest, Sturdy 

Capacity: 60 items

Cost: 200 Writ Voucher / 200,000 Tel Var Stone / 2000 Crowns

Storage Coffer

Storage Coffer


  • Storage Coffer, Fortified (This item is only awarded for completing level 18 on a character on your account. Not awarded retroactively)
  • Storage Coffer, Oaken
  • Storage Coffer, Secure
  • Storage Coffer, Sturdy 

Capacity: 30 items

Cost: 100 Writ Voucher / 100,000 Tel Var Stone / 1000 Crowns