Wrathstone Achievement Furnishings

There are some achievement furnishings that can be unlocked by completing achievements in the Wrathstone DLC. These achievements are from the dungeons  Depths of Malatar and Frostvault . The vendors that sell the achievement items are the Undaunted Quartermasters that are found in the Undaunted section of Elden Root, Wayrest, and Mournhold.

Below you will find the exact locations of these vendors, a list of what furnishings they sell and what is needed to unlock them for purchase.


Undaunted Quartermasters can be found in the alliance capitol cities:

Caenlilmith is in Elden Root

Brazzideh is in Wayrest

Ilmeni Arelas is in Mournhold

Elden Root Undaunted

Wayrest Undaunted

Mournhold Undaunted


   Dwarven Tonal Arc

Dwarven Tonal Arc


Frostvault Vanquisher

-Defeat Icestalker, Warlord Tzogvin, the Vault Protector, Rizzuk Bonechill, and the Stonekeeper in Frostvault

        Replica Cursed Orb of Meridia

Replica Cursed Orb of Meridia


Depths of Malatar Vanquisher

-Defeat the Scavenging Maw, the Weeping Woman, the Dark Orb, King Narilmor, and the Symphony of Blades in Depths of Malatar