Luxury Furnishing Vendor

The Luxury Furnishing Vendor is a special vendor that only appears on the weekend to sell rare furniture.  

Inventory rotates every week (Friday 8:00 PM ET until 12:00 PM ET  Monday) and have a common theme. 

The merchant that sells the items is named Zanil Theran located at a New! stall outside Cicero’s Food & General Goods shop in the Hollow City, Coldharbour.   

Map to Zenil Theran


Zanil Theran Location


Items for SEP 29-Oct 2

1) Blackreach Gate, Large 30,000g
2) Dwarven Clock, Deactivated 15,000g
3) Dwarven Crucible, Heavy 4,000g
4) Dwarven Engine, Fused 24,000g
5) Dwarven Fountain, Forged 50,000g
6) Dwarven Hatch, Sealed 12,000g
7) Dwarven Pillar, Forged 10,000g
8) Dwarven Press Bed, Forge-Sized 22,000g
9) Markarth Barrier, Low 18,000g New!

Items for SEP 22-25

Luxury Furnishings Sep 22

1) Banner, Order of the Hour 12,000g
2) Brotherhood Banner, Large 25,000g
3) Brotherhood Candelabra, Floor 8,000g
4) Brotherhood Carpet, Large 15,000g
5) Brotherhood Ledger Stand 4,000g
6) Brotherhood Plaque, Wolf 25,000g
7) Hourglass Banner, Akatosh 12,000g
8) Imperial Archway, Cemetery 15,000g
9) Imperial Curtains, Heavy 12,000g
10) Order of the Hour Rug, Winged 15,000g New!

Items for SEP 15-18

Luxury Furnishings Sep 15

1) Anvil Banner, Large 12,000g
2) Banner, Anvil 4,000g
3) Brotherhood Candelabra, Table 2,500g
4) Brotherhood Stained Glass Window 100,000g
5) Brotherhood Tapestry 10,000g
6) Brotherhood Tapestry, Small 5,000g
7) Door, Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary 50,000g New!
8) Door, Sweet Mother 35,000g
9) Hourglass Pedestal, Square 7,500g
10) Hourglass Pedestal, Round 4,000g

Items for SEP 8-11

Luxury Furnishings Sep 8

1) Apocrypha Statue, Mouth of Mora 17,500g New!
2) Breton Statue, Arkay 20,000g
3) Dark Elf Statue, Knight 20,000g
4) Dark Elf Statue, St. Delyn 35,000g
5) Ra Gada Statue, Forward Scout 25,000g
6) Statue Base, Circular 2,500g
7) Statue, Justice 25,000g
8) Statue, Order 25,000g
9) Statue, Stendarr 35,000g
10) Statue, Truth 25,000g

Items for SEP 1-4

Luxury Furnishings Sep 1

1) Apocrypha Statue, Lurker 22,500g New!
2) Daedric Statue, Mephala 25,000g
3) Dark Elf Statue, Ordinator 20,000g
4) Dark Elf Statue, St. Olms 35,000g
5) Imperial Statue, Legion Champion 20,000g
6) Ra Gada Statue, Battlemage 25,000g
7) Ra Gada Statue, Blademaster 25,000g
8) Statue Base, Square 2,500g
9) Statue, Faith 25,000g
10) Statue, Light 25,000g

Items for Aug 25-28

Luxury Furnishings Aug 25

1) Azure Plasm Cage, Hanging 100,000g
2) Column, Ossuary 20,000g
3) Mad Architect’s Medallion, Diamond 2,500g
4) Necrom Coffin 17,000g New!
5) Necromancer’s Brazier, Cold-Flame 10,000g
6) Necromancer’s Spire, Compact 25,000g
7) Necromancer’s Spire, Huge 100,000g
8) Skull Candles, Triple 10,000g

Items for Aug 18-21

Luxury Furnishings Aug 18

1) Mausoleum Bookcase, Filled 15,000g
2) Mausoleum Pillar, Tall 10,000g
3) Necromancer’s Brazier, Flame 10,000g
4) Necromancer’s Spire, Alcove 75,000g
5) Necromancer’s Spire, Narrow 50,000g
6) Pedestal, Dark Stone 4,000g
7) Sarcophagus, Stone Base 3,500g New!
8) Sarcophagus, Stone Lid 4,500g New!
9) Wheelbarrow, Bones 1,000g

Items for Aug 11-14

Luxury Furnishings Aug 11

1) Bandages, Blood-Soaked 2,000g
2) Body Cage 5,000g
3) Corpse, Burned Seated 2,500g
4) Corpse, Burned Sprawled 2,500g
5) Daedric Turret, Flame Tower 35,000g New!
6) Gate, Spiked Iron 15,000g
7) Laboratory Instruments 5,000g
8) Orcish Burial Urn, Exhumed 20,000g
9) Rubbish Pile, Skeletal Remains 4,000g
10) Torture Rack 5,000g
11) Torture Wheel 100,000g

Items for Aug 4-7

Luxury Furnishings Aug 4

1) Daedric Post, Spike 2,700g New!
2) Gibbet, Hanging Hooked 75,000g
3) Iron Cross 10,000g
4) Iron Cross, Large 25,000g
5) Iron Maiden, Chained 20,000g
6) Iron Maiden, Occupied (*opens and closes) 100,000g
7) Skeletal Remains, Slumped Over 10,000g
8) Vampiric Table, Exsanguination 35,000g
9) Vampiric Table, Flat Exsanguination 35,000g

Items for July 28-31

Luxury Furnishings Jul 28

1) Alinor Pedestal, Shrine 10,000g
2) Alinor Shrine, Phynaster 50,000g
3) Alinor Shrine, Y’ffre 50,000g
4) Altmer Brazier, Cold-Flame Column 20,000g
5) Basin of the Divines 35,000g
6) Brazier, Dragon-Headed Cold-Flame 25,000g
7) Sigil Stand 15,000g
8) Sigil, Kynareth 20,000g
9) Sigil, Mara 20,000g
10) Sigil, Stendarr 20,000g
11) Sigil, Zenithar 20,000g
12) Systres Brazier, Cold-Flame 20,000g New!

Items for July 21-24

Luxury Furnishings Jul 21

1) Alinor Pedestal, Shrine 10,000g
2) Alinor Shrine, Magnus 50,000g
3) Alinor Shrine, Trinimac 50,000g
4) Altar of the Divines 50,000g
5) Blackwood Brazier, Cold-Flame 15,000g New!
6) Brazier, Stone Cold Flame 30,000g
7) Elsweyr Brazier, Cold-Flame Column 20,000g
8) Sigil Stand 15,000g
9) Sigil, Akatosh 20,000g
10) Sigil, Arkay 20,000g
11) Sigil, Dibella 20,000g
12) Sigil, Julianos 20,000g

Items for July 14-17

Luxury Furnishings Jul 14

1) Bat Bloom 15,000g
2) Fan Bush 1,000g
3) Flowers, Blue Starbloom 15,000g
4) Glow Bush, Purple 20,000g
5) Mushroom, Giant Glowtendril 20,000g
6) Mushroom, Large Glowtendril 20,000g
7) Plant, Galen Palm Cluster 2,000g New!
8) Plant, Luminescent Valeflower 2,500g
9) Plant, Soulsplinter Weed 12,500g

Items for July 7-10

Luxury Furnishings Jul 7

1) Alik’r Cactus 2,000g
2) Buckthorn 4,000g
3) Fern, Woody Slough 3,000g
4) Garlas Alpinia, Branching 2,000g
5) Mushroom, Tufted Cap 4,000g
6) Mushroom, Twisted Tufted Cap 4,500g
7) Palm, Blooming Tropical 4,500g New!
8) Plant, Flytrap 4,000g
9) Void Flower 5,000g
10) White Hosta 3,000g

Items for June 30-July 3

Luxury Furnishings Jun 30

1) Anchor 10,000g
2) Anchor, Hanging 20,000g
3) Antler Coral, Branched Spire 100,000g
4) Antler Coral, Stout Crimson 75,000g
5) Coral Formation, Branching Red 2,000g
6) Coral Formation, Branching Red Cluster 1,000g
7) Dock Winch 4,000g
8) Festering Coral, Crimson-Orange 4,000g New!
9) Fishing Pole Rack 2,500g
10) Ocean Antler Coral 7,500g

Items for June 23-26

Luxury Furnishings Jun 23

1) Antler Coral, Crimson 50,000g
2) Canopy, Netted 4,000g
3) Dock Rope Wheel 3,000g
4) Fisher’s Catch of the Day Rack 5,000g
5) Gonfalon Bay Dockside Bell (rings when used!) 18,000g New!
6) Harbor Floats 5,000g
7) Harbor Winch, Treadwheel 7,000g
8) Mooring Line, Coiled 7,500g
9) Mooring Line, Tidy 5,000g
10) Platform, Floating Dock 3,000g

Items for June 16-19

1) Hew’s Bane Candlestick 2,500g
2) Hew’s Bane Rug 5,000g
3) Hew’s Bane Well 10,000g
4) Redguard Amphora, Golden 15,000g
5) Redguard Canopy, Striped 5,000g
6) Redguard Raincatcher, Golden 35,000g
7) Redguard Tent, Rounded Blue 100,000g
8) Redguard Tent, Squared Silk 100,000g
9) Redguard Window, Iron Lattice 20,000g New!

Items for June 9-12

Luxury Furnishings Jun 9

1) Hew’s Bane Bed, Royal 20,000g
2) Hew’s Bane Lantern 5,000g
3) Hew’s Bane Merchant’s Basket 2,500g
4) Ra Gada Funerary Statue, Miniature Ibis 15,000g
5) Redguard Tent, Rounded Silk 100,000g
6) Redguard Urn, Wrapped Golden 12,000g
7) Redguard Vase, Golden 5,000g
8) Yokudan Sarcophagus Base, Gilded 25,000g New!
9) Yokudan Sarcophagus Lid, Gilded 35,000g

Items for June 2 – 5

Luxury Furnishings Jun 2

1) Alinor Maple, Diminutive 4,000g
2) Alinor Maple, Purple 4,000g
3) Alinor Maple, Red 4,000g
4) Alinor Maple, Sinuous 15,000g
5) Alinor Windmill, Decorative 250,000g
6) Bush, Rhododendron 2,000g
7) High Elf Wine Pot 18,000g New!

Items for May 26 – 29

Luxury Furnishings May 26

1) Alinor Greenhouse, Summer 100,000g
2) Alinor Trellis, Blue Wisteria 15,000g
3) Alinor Trellis, Purple Wisteria 15,000g
4) Sapling, Blue Wisteria 5,000g
5) Tree, Blue Wisteria 7,500g
6) Tree, Large Pink Maple 13,000g New!
7) Tree, Purple Wisteria 9,000g

Items for May 19-22

Luxury Furnishings May 19

1) Ayleid Constellation Stele, The Apprentice 20,000g
2) Ayleid Constellation Stele, The Atronach 20,000g
3) Ayleid Constellation Stele, The Lady 20,000g
4) Ayleid Constellation Stele, The Lord 20,000g
5) Ayleid Constellation Stele, The Lover 20,000g
6) Ayleid Constellation Stele, The Mage 20,000g
7) Ayleid Constellation Stele, The Serpent 20,000g
8) Ayleid Constellation Stele, The Steed 20,000g New!
9) Ayleid Constellation Stele, The Thief 20,000g
10) Ayleid Constellation Stele, The Warrior 20,000g

Items for May 12-15

Luxury Furnishings May 12

1) Ayleid Brazier, Stone 10,000g
2) Ayleid Partition, Arched 20,000g New!
3) Ayleid Pillar, Large Empty 14,000g
4) Ayleid Pillar, Small Empty 5,000g
5) Ayleid Sconce, Empty 4,000g
6) Ayleid Switch, Ancient 4,000g
7) Culanda Stone, Glowing 5,000g
8) Varla Stone, Glowing 5,000g

Items for May 5-8

Luxury Furnishings May 5

1) Falmer Tent, Conical 4,000g New!
2) Riekling Banner, Boar Pelt 4,000g
3) Riekling Bonfire, Ceremonial 4,000g
4) Riekling Brazier, Ceremonial 4,000g
5) Riekling Grinding Stone 450g
6) Riekling Rack, Giant Bone 3,000g
7) Riekling Tanning Rack, Stretched 450g
8) Riekr Tent, Snowy 3,500g

Items for Apr 28-May 1

Luxury Furnishings Apr 28

1) Falmer Hut, Long 14,000g New!
2) Hovel, Rock 4,500g
3) Riekling Banner, Wolf Pelt 4,000g
4) Riekling Bedding, Icy Straw 2,500g
5) Riekling Lean-To, Boar Pelt 4,000g
6) Riekling Pelt, Boar 4,000g
7) Riekling Pit, Ash and Bone 7,500g
8) Riekling Shelter, Painted Megaliths 4,000g

Items for Apr 21-24

Luxury Furnishings Apr 21

1) Ancient Orcish Counterweight 20,000g
2) Orcish Seal, Anvil 3,000g
3) Orcish Seal, Battle-Axe 3,000g
4) Orcish Seal, Malacath 3,000g
5) Orcish Seal, Mountains 3,000g
6) Seal of Clan Morkul, Metal 4,000g
7) Seal of Clan Morkul, Stone 4,000g
8) Seal of Clan Shatul, Metal 4,000g
9) Seal of Clan Shatul, Stone 4,000g
10) Seal of Clan Tunmosh, Metal 4,000g
11) Seal of Clan Tunmosh, Stone 4,000g
12) Wrothgar Puzzle Cube, Hunter 20,000g New!

Items for Apr 14-17

Luxury Furnishings Apr 14

1) Ancient Orcish Sarcophagus Lid 10,000g
2) Ancient Orcish Sarcophagus, Peaked 15,000g
3) Orcish Seal, Hammer 3,000g
4) Orcish Seal, Owl 3,000g
5) Orcish Seal, Torch 3,000g
6) Orcish Seal, Wolf 3,000g
7) Seal of Clan Bagrakh, Metal 4,000g
8) Seal of Clan Bagrakh, Stone 4,000g
9) Seal of Clan Fharun, Metal 4,000g
10) Seal of Clan Fharun, Stone 4,000g
11) Seal of Clan Igrum, Metal 4,000g
12) Seal of Clan Igrum, Stone 4,000g
13) Wrothgar Puzzle Cube, Mountains 20,000g New!

Items for Apr 7-10

Luxury Furnishings Apr 7

1) Alchemy Shelves, Filled 4,000g New!
2) Amino Core, Full 10,000g
3) Clockwork Alchemy Flask 3,000g
4) Clockwork Alchemy Rack, Tubes 3,000g
5) Clockwork Coffer, Vertical 4,000g
6) Clockwork Pot, Crystals 10,000g
7) Clockwork Titration Stand 3,000g
8) Telvanni Specimen Jar, Glass Dome 1,000g

Items for Mar 31- Apr 3

Luxury Furnishings Mar 31

1) Changing Room, Curtained 3,000g
2) Clockwork Changing Room, Curtained 20,000g
3) Clockwork Loom, Sturdy 20,000g
4) Clockwork Spinning Wheel, Sturdy 12,000g
5) Common Crate, Fabric Bolts 4,000g New!
6) Quality Fabric, Stacked 450g
7) Rugs, Rolled 2,500g
8) Spool, Blue Thread 250g

Items for Mar 24-27

Luxury Furnishings Mar 24-2

1) Banker’s Sign, Small 3,000g
2) Banner, Packs 4,000g
3) Banner, Transmute 12,000g
4) Banner, Transmute Small 5,000g
5) Fighter’s Guild Sign, Large 12,000g
6) Grahtwood Banner, Hanging Inn 4,000g New!
7) Grahtwood Fighters Guild Banner 12,000g
8) Merchant’s Sign, Small 3,000g
9) Stablemaster’s Sign, Small 3,000g

Items for Mar 17-20

Luxury Furnishings Mar 17

1) Banker’s Sign, Large 12,000g
2) Banner, Furnishings 25,000g
3) Banner, Outfit 12,000g
4) Banner, Outfit Small 5,000g
5) Inn Sign, Hanging 4,000g New!
6) Mages Guild Sign, Large 12,000g
7) Merchant’s Sign, Large 12,000g
8) Mystic’s Banner 4,000g
9) Stablemaster’s Sign, Large 12,000g

Items for Mar 10-13


1) Clockwork Door, Arched (Open/Closed) 25,000g
2) Clockwork Gear Display, Bell Jar 2,500g
3) Clockwork Gear Display, Tall Jar 3,000g
4) Clockwork Globe, Stand 4,000g
5) Clockwork Orrery, Compact 20,000g
6) Clockwork Orrery, Intricate 100,000g
7) Clockwork Orrery, Simple (Animated!) 35,000g
8) Clockwork Switch, Rotary (Active/Inactive) 8,000g
9) Clockwork Illuminator, Spot 14,000g New!

Items for Mar 3-6

Luxury Furnishings Mar 3

1) Clockwork Altar, Devotional 15,000g
2) Clockwork Calibration Guide, The Mage 50,000g
3) Clockwork Calibration Guide, The Thief 50,000g
4) Clockwork Calibration Guide, The Warrior 50,000g
5) Clockwork Lens Assembly, Frozen 7,000g
6) Clockwork Planter, Brassbloom 7,000g New!
7) Clockwork Sextant, Surveyor’s 75,000g
8) Clockwork Telescope, Stargazer’s 75,000g
9) Clockwork Telescope, Surveyor’s 15,000g

Items for Feb 24-27

Luxury Furnishings Feb 24

1) Animal Trap, Welded Open 2,500g
2) Carcass, Fresh Pheasant 7,500g
3) Druidic Totem, Animal 3,500g New!
4) Elk Head, Wall Mount 20,000g
5) Nord Stone, Marked 4,000g
6) Orcish Grand Table with Skins 50,000g
7) Pelt, Fox 2,500g
8) Tapestry, Echatere Pelt 25,000g
9) Taxidermy, Bird of Prey 2,500g

Items for Feb 17-20

Luxury Furnishings Feb 17

1) Carcass, Grey Hare 5,000g
2) Carcass, Hanging Geese 7,500g
3) Crocodile Skeleton, Complete 9,000g
4) Deer Head, Wall Mount 15,000g
5) Echatere Horns, Wall Mount 15,000g
6) Fargrave Stall, Bone Merchant 30,000g New!
7) Titan Skull, Colossal 4,000g
8) Unidentified Fargrave Bones 9,000g
9) Wolf Head, Wall Mount 20,000g

Items for Feb 10-13

Luxury Furnishings Feb 10

1) Ra Gada Throne, Stone 50,000g
2) Redguard Archway, Four-Column 50,000g New!
3) Redguard Brazier, Ritual 12,000g
4) Redguard Brazier, Stone Marker 15,000g
5) Redguard Gazebo, Palatial Domed 75,000g
6) Shrine of Mara, Decorative 50,000g
7) Wedding Blossoms, Peach 2,500g
8) Wedding Gazebo 50,000g
9) Wedding Pergola, Bare 35,000g

Items for Feb 3 – 6

Luxury Furnishings Feb 3

1) Decorative Wall Drape, Mauve 3,000g New!
2) Ra Gada Statue, Seated Lion Ibis 25,000g
3) Redguard Carpets, Rolled 4,000g
4) Redguard Seal 3,000g
5) Wedding Blossoms, Blue 2,500g
6) Wedding Curtain 7,500g
7) Wedding Curtain, Wide 7,500g
8) Wedding Flower Trellis 10,000g
9) Wedding Lantern 5,000g
10) Wedding Lantern, Hanging 5,000g 

Items for Jan 27-30

Luxury Furnishings Jan 27

1) Orcish Banner, Iron 12,000g
2) Orcish Figurine, Bear 12,000g
3) Orcish Gazebo, Orsinium 20,000g
4) Orsinium Sarcophagus, Warrior’s 35,000g
5) Orsinium Totem, Honor 20,000g
6) Orsinium Totem, Obedience 20,000g
7) Orsinium Totem, Strength 20,000g
8) Orcish Well, Covered 20,000g
9) Orcish Well, Snowy Grated 10,000g New!

Items for Jan 20 – 23

Luxury Furnishings Jan 20

1) Orcish Figurine, Mammoth 12,000g
2) Orcish Wagon, Merchant 15,000g
3) Orcish Relief, Malacath 25,000g
4) Orsinium Sarcophagus, Honor’s Rest 25,000g
5) Orsinium Statue Base 4,000g New!
6) Orsinium Statue, Head 25,000g
7) Orsinium Statue, Honor’s Rest 25,000g
8) Orsinium Tent, Chief’s 15,000g
9) Pedestal, Etched Stone 3,000g

Items for Jan 13 – Jan 16

Luxury Furnishings Jan 13

1) Flower Cluster, Wyrdbloom 4,000g
2) Fuchsia Hosta 2,000g New!
3) Mushrooms, Aether Cup Cluster 10,000g
4) Mushrooms, Aether Cup Ring 10,000g
5) Mushrooms, Climbing Aether Cup 5,000g
6) Vine, Flowering Wyrdbloom Strand 700g
7) Vines, Flowering Wyrdbloom 4,000g

Items for Jan 6 – Jan 9

Luxury Furnishings Jan 6

1) Bush, Flowering Ivy 2,000g
2) Fern, Cyan 2,500g
3) Fern, Cyan Cluster 4,000g
4) Plant, Cerulean Spadeleaf 1,000g
5) Plants, Cerulean Spadeleaf Cluster 2,500g
6) Skull Totem, Hircine Worship 7,500g
7) Tree, Small Palm 3,000g New!

Items for Dec 30 – Jan 2

Luxury Furnishings Dec 30

1) Reach Briarheart, Blood Red 15,000g
2) Reach Briarheart, Corpse Blue 15,000g
3) Reach Skull, Mammoth 50,000g
4) Reach Standard, Weathered 4,000g
5) Reach Tent, Camp 2,500g
6) Reachfolk Banner, Ice Witch 2,000g New!
7) Reachmen Banner, Moonburst 4,000g
8) Reachmen Banner, Bull 4,000g

Items for Dec 23-26

Luxury Furnishings Dec 23

1) Nedic Skull Relief, Half 20,000g
2) Reach Bowl, Nirncrux 5,000g
3) Reach Grinder, Nirncrux 50,000g
4) Reach Grinding Stones, Nirncrux 4,500g
5) Reach Vine, Bloodroot Sprout 15,000g
6) Reach Vine, Bloodroot Tendril 25,000g
7) Reikling Totem, Skull 1,000g
8) Stone, Nirncrux-Laden 10,000g
9) Vines, Nirncrux 12,000g New!

Items for Dec 16-19

Luxury Furnishings Dec 16

1) Ancient Nord Prayer Wheel Frame, Engraved 20,000g
2) Craglorn Brazier, Ornate 15,000g
3) Craglorn Relief, Serpent 20,000g
4) Craglorn Skull, Carved 35,000g
5) Craglorn Sword Sconce 5,000g
6) Nedic Archway, Worn 15,000g
7) Nedic Banner, Blood 4,000g New!
8) Nedic Stand, Ritual 4,000g

Items for Dec 9-12

Luxury Furnishings Dec 9

1) Ancient Nord Prayer Wheel, Four-Faced 25,000g
2) Banner, Boethiah Standard 12,000g New!
3) Craglorn Chair, Serpent 2,500g
4) Craglorn Coffer, Ornate 5,000g
5) Craglorn Display Case, Sealed 10,000g
6) Craglorn Urn, Standing 7,500g
7) Nedic Altar, Worn 3,000g
8) Nedic Orb, Ritual 20,000g

Items for Dec 2-5

Luxury Furnishings Dec 2

1) Bloodmage Crystal, Oblong 4,000g New!
2) Blue Crystal Spire 12,000g
3) Blue Crystal Spire, Large 18,000g
4) Blue Flame Brazier 5,000g
5) Geode, Citrine 20,000g
6) Geode, Green Garnet 20,000g
7) Khajiit Path Marker, Lion 75,000g
8) Soul Gem, Great 20,000g

Items for Nov 25-28

Luxury Furnishings Nov 25

1) Bloodmage Crystal, Oval 4,000g New!
2) Blue Crystal Cluster 10,000g
3) Blue Crystal Cluster, Large 20,000g
4) Blue Crystal Cluster, Medium 10,000g
5) Blue Crystal Fragments 8,000g
6) Blue Flame Candles 2,500g
7) Geode, Amethyst 20,000g
8) Hlaalu Path Marker, Almsivi 15,000g
9) Soul Gem, Grand 5,000g

Items for Nov 18-21

Luxury Furnishings Nov 18

1) Dark Elf Ash Garden, Familial 10,000g
2) Dark Elf Tomb Marker, Velas 5,000g
3) Dark Elf Urn, Bronze Burial 10,000g
4) Mummy, Bound 8,000g
5) Velothi Altar, Sacrificial 10,000g
6) Velothi Altar, Small 4,000g New!
7) Velothi Kneeler, Prayer 3,000g
8) Velothi Podium of Recitation 35,000g
9) Velothi Urn, Burial 10,000g

Items for Nov 11-14

Luxury Furnishings Nov 11

1) Dark Elf Ash Garden, Communal 15,000g
2) Dark Elf Brazier, Ancestral Tomb 15,000g
3) Dark Elf Tomb Marker, Serano 5,000g
4) Funerary Urn, Broken 4,000g
5) Mummy, Scroll Guardian 8,000g
6) Mummy, Skyward Gazing 6,500g New!
7) Velothi Candle, Mourning 5,000g
8) Velothi Cerecloth, Prayer 5,000g
9) Velothi Seat, Meditation 10,000g
10) Velothi Shroud, Mourning 5,000g

Items for Nov 4-7

Luxury Furnishings Nov 4

1) Bone Sconce, Arm 4,000g New!
2) Briarheart Tree, Replica 100,000g
3) Harpy Totem, Feathered 7,000g
4) Minecart, Skeletal Remains 8,000g
5) Reach Sapling, Briarheart 50,000g
6) Reach Sapling, Contorted Briarheart 35,000g
7) Tree, Murkmire Ossuary 50,000g
8) Witch’s Remains, Offering 50,000g
9) Witch’s Remains, Sacrificial 50,000g

Items for Oct 28 – 31

Luxury Furnishings Oct 28

1) Bone Sculpture, Circular 3,000g New!
2) Crow Totem, Gruesome 4,000g
3) Tree, Treehenge Green Lady 50,000g
4) Warning Totem, Skulls 2,500g
5) Witch’s Torch, Wretched 5,000g
6) Witch’s Totem, Bog 50,000g
7) Witch’s Tree, Captive 35,000g
8) Witch’s Tree, Charred 5,000g

Items for Oct 21-24

Luxury Furnishings Oct 21

1) Elsweyr Altar, Dark Moons 20,000g
2) Elsweyr Gate, Garden 25,000g
3) Elsweyr Gateway, Stone Arch 4,500g
4) Elsweyr Gazebo, Ancient Stone 100,000g
5) Elsweyr Moon Reflection Tower, Base 30,000g New!
6) Elsweyr Sarcophagus Lid, Lunar Champion 7,500g
7) Elsweyr Sarcophagus, Lunar Champion 4,000g
8) Lunar Reflector, Dormant 40,000

Items for Oct 14-17

Luxury Furnishings Oct 14

1) Boulder, Lunar Spine 2,500g
2) Boulder, Lunar Spire 450g
3) Cactus, Banded Lunar Multihued Trio 7,500g
4) Cactus, Lunar Fan 12,000g
5) Cactus, Tall Lunar Fan 9,000g
6) Dragonguard Brazier, Empty 30,000g
7) Elsweyr Window, Ritual 10,000g New!

Items for Oct 7-10

Luxury Furnishings Oct 7

1) Darkshade Glowstalks, Inquisitive 45,000g
2) Flower, Coda 3,000g
3) Flowers, Reed Mace 3,000g
4) Plant, Murkmire Snakevine 7,000g
5) Vvardenfell Anemone, Basket 3,500g New!
6) Vvardenfell Anemone, Sprout 5,000g
7) VVardenfell Anemone, Strong 25,000g
8) Vvardenfell Coral Plant, Strong 10,000g
9) Vvardenfell Coral Plant, Young 5,000g

Items for Sept 30 – Oct 3

Luxury Furnishings Sept 30

1) Elkhorn Coral, Verdant Sapling 800g New!
2) Flower Patch, Hawkmoth Cabbage 4,000g
3) Mushroom, Glowing Trumpet 1,000g
4) Plant, Spore Pod 450g
5) Spiral Skein Glowstalks, Sprouts 8,000g
6) Vvardenfell Glowstalk, Sprout 2,500g
7) Vvardenfell Glowstalk, Strong 10,000g
8) Vvardenfell Glowstalk, Towering 15,000g
9) Vvardenfell Glowstalk, Young 5,000g

Items for Sept 23-26

Luxury Furnishings Sept 23

1) Daedric Chandelier, Spiked 8,000g
2) Daedric Chest, Sealed 8,000g
3) Daedric Drinking Bowl, Ritual 650g
4) Daedric Sconce, Coldharbour 10,000g
5) Daedric Throne, Skulls 25,000g
6) Daedric Urn, Sealed 1,000g
7) Deadlands Brazier, Four-Flame 35,000g New!
8) Tapestry of a Failed Incarnate, The Brute 20,000g
9) Tapestry of a Failed Incarnate, The Warseeker 20,000g

Items for Sept 16-19

Luxury Furnishings Sept 16

1) Daedric Altar, Peryite 40,000g
2) Daedric Brazier, Ritual 25,000g
3) Daedric Key, Coldharbour 5,000g
4) Daedric Platform, Sarcophagus 8,000g
5) Daedric Sarcophagus, Sealed 10,000g
6) Deadlands Cage, Short 8,000g New!
7) Egg, Gruesome 3,000g
8n) Tapestry of a Failed Incarnate, The Fool 20,000g

Items for Sept 9-12

Luxury Furnishings Sept 9

1) Dwarven Centurion Blade, Detached 3,500g
2) Dwarven Centurion Hammer, Detached 3,500g
3) Dwarven Crystal Brazier, Amber 40,000g New!
4) Dwarven Crystal Mechanism 50,000g
5) Dwarven Orrery, Reference 25,000g
6) Dwarven Schematics, Technical 8,000g
7) Dwarven Spider Legs, Inoperative 3,500g
8) Dwarven Urn, Masks (Opens/Closes) 8,000g