Luxury Furnishing Vendor

The Luxury Furnishing Vendor is a special vendor that only appears on the weekend to sell rare furniture.  

Inventory rotates every week (Friday 7:00PM EST until 11:00 AM EST Monday) and have a common theme. 

The merchant that sells the items is named Zenil Theran located in Cicero’s Food & General Goods shop in the Hollow City, Coldharbour.   

Hollow CIty


Cicero's Goods


Items for February 16-19

Luxury Items Feb 16

1) Shrine of Mara, Decorative 50,000g
2) Wedding Blossoms, Peach 2,500g
3) Wedding Gazebo 50,000g
4) Wedding Pergola, Bare 35,000g

Items for February 9-12

Luxury Items Feb 9

1) Wedding Blossoms, Blue 2,500g
2) Wedding Curtain 7,500g
3) Wedding Curtain, Wide 7,500g
4) Wedding Flower Trellis 10,000g
5) Wedding Lantern 5,000g

Items for February 2-5

feb2 Luxury Items

1) Ayleid Constellation Stele, The Mage 20,000g
2) Ayleid Constellation Stele, The Thief 20,000g
3) Ayleid Constellation Stele, The Warrior 20,000g

Items for January 26-29

Luxury Items Jan 19

1) Ayleid Sconce, Empty 4,000g
2) Culanda Stone, Glowing 5,000g
3) Varla Stone, Glowing 5,000g

Items for January 19-22

Luxury Items Jan 19

1) Riekling Brazier, Ceremonial 4,000g
2) Riekling Grinding Stone 450g
3) Riekling Tanning Rack, Stretched 450g

Items for January 12-15

Luxury Items Jan 12

1) Riekling Bedding, Icy Straw 2,500g
2)Riekling Pelt, Boar 4,000g
3) Riekling Pit, Ash and Bone 7,500g

Items for January 5-8

Luxury Items Orcish

1) Ancient Orcish Counterweight 20,000g
2) Seal of Clan Morkul, Stone 4,000g
3) Seal of Clan Shatul, Stone 4,000g
4) Seal of Clan Tunmosh, Stone 4,000g

Items for December 29- January 1

Luxury Items Dec 29

1) Ancient Orcish Sarcophagus Lid 10,000g
2) Ancient Orcish Sarcophagus, Peaked 10,000g
3) Seal of Clan Bagrakh, Stone 4,000g
4) Seal of Clan Fharun, Stone 4,000g
5) Seal of Clan Igrun, Stone 4,000g

Items for December 22-25

Luxury Items Dec 22

1) Clockwork Alchemy Flask 3000g
2) Clockwork Alchemy Rack, Tubes 3000g
3) Clockwork Titration Stand 3000g

Items for December 15-18

Luxury Items Dec 15

1) Spool, Blue Thread 450g
2) Quality Fabric, Stacked 450g
3) Clockwork Loom, Sturdy 20,000g

Items for December 8-11


1) Banker’s Sign, Small 3,000g
2) Merchant’s Sign, Small 3,000g
3) Stablemaster’s Sign, Small 3,000g

Items for December 1-4


1) Banker’s Sign, Large 12,000g
2) Merchant’s Sign, Large 12,000g
3) Stablemaster’s Sign, Large 12,000g

Items for November 24-27:


1) Clockwork Gear Display, Bell Jar 2,500g
2) Clockwork Gear Display, Tall Jar 3,000g
3) Clockwork Globe, Stand 4,000g
4) Clockwork Orrery, Compact 20,000g

Items for November 17-20:

Luxury Items Nov 17-20

1) Clockwork Calibration Guide, The Mage 50,000g
2) Clockwork Calibration Guide, The Thief 50,000g
3) Clockwork Calibration Guide, The Warrior 50,000g
4) Clockwork Telescope, Surveyor’s 15,000g

Items for November 10-13:

Luxury Furniture

1) Carcass, Fresh Pheasant 7,500g
2) Elk Head, Wall Mount 20,000g
3) Tapestry, Echatere Pelt 25,000g
4) Orcish Grand Table with Skins 50,000g

Items for November 3-6:

Luxury Furniture

1) Carcass, Grey Hare 5,000g
2) Carcass, Hanging Geese 7,500g
3) Deer Head, Wall Mount 15,000g
4) Wolf Head, Wall Mount 20,000g

Items for October 27-30:

Luxury Furniture

1) Briarheart Tree, Replica 100,000g
2) Reach Sapling, Briarheart 50,000g
3) Witch’s Remains, Offering 50,000g
4) Witch’s Remains, Sacrificial 50,000g

Items for October 20-23:

Luxury Furniture

1) Witch’s Tree, Captive 35,000g
2) Witch’s Torch, Wretched 5,000g
3) Witch’s Totem, Bog 50,000g