Khajiit of the Moons Replica Guide

Hello my lovely adventurers! This guide will help you get a replica of Khajiit of the New Moons tapestry. When you complete this guide, you will also get the Pieces of History achievement from Dragonhold. You will need the Dragonhold DLC or ESO Plus to complete this guide.


To begin, you will need to head to Southern Elsweyr and get the quest “Masterpieces” from a Khajiit named Bebbia Sleek-Fur inside the Senchal Palace in located north east of the wayshrine in Senchal.









When you are near Bebbia, you can hear her say, “Stealing a work of art is despicable, but destroying one is unforgivable.”  It seems that a band of Alfiq thieves has torn apart the prized tapestry and you will need to find their leader, Nishzo, to gain insight into where to find the pieces.  Accept the quest called “Masterpieces” and head to Nishzo’s hideout.

        Nishzo's Tapestry Piece Location

     Nishzo's Hideout


You will find Nishzo in a cave south east of the Pridehome wayshrine. Nishzo has left some items including a journal, a book named The Many Threads and the first piece of the tapestry. The Many Threads contains riddles that gives you clues to the hidden locations of the other tapestry pieces.

Nishzo's Note
What do we have here?


The Many Threads
The Many Threads


Nishzo's Tapestry Piece
The tapestry piece looks like a piece of cloth that sparkles green


Return to Nishzo to complete the quest. She will tell you that it is up to you to find the remaining 11 tapestry pieces. You can pick up any of the other tapestry pieces and return any amount of them to the tapestry frame at any time.

Below is a map of where all 12 tapestry pieces are located.

SOuthern Elsweyr: Location of Tapestry Pieces

Khajiit of the Moons Tapestry Piece Locations

1) Nishzo’s Tapestry Piece
2) Amaffi’s Tapestry Piece
3) Oranu’s Tapestry Piece
4) Magpie’s Tapestry Piece
5) Bufasa’s Tapestry Piece
6) Seleiz’s tapestry Piece

7) Hiijar’s Tapestry Piece
8) Grastia’s Tapestry Piece
9) Dancer’s Tapestry Piece
10) Farro’s Tapestry Piece
11) Kesta’s Tapestry Piece
12) Jarro’s Tapestry Piece

2) Amaffi’s Tapestry Piece- Inside Khenarthi’s Breath Temple, South of Black Heights, in the south west corner of the temple

      Amaffi's Tapestry Piece Location


3) Oranu’s Tapestry Piece- At the south of the Moonlit Cove delve in a secret room behind a waterfall

        Oranu's Tapestry Piece Location


 Moonlit Cove


  Oranu's Tapestry Scrap


4) Magpie’s Tapestry Piece- Head south east of Southguard ruins, and at the end of a path there is a tower. Climb the ladder to get to the Observation Post. The tapestry piece is sitting on a table at the top of the tower.

      Magpie's Tapestry Piece Location


 Observation Post Ladder


 Magpie's Tapestry Scrap


5) Bufasa’s Tapestry Piece- South of Pridehome, at the end of a dotted path on the map, on a stone wall near a shrine

      Bufasa's Tapestry Piece Location

     Bufasa's Tapestry Scrap

6) Seleiz’s Tapestry Piece- Southwest of Doomstone Keep, on the stone at the back of a ruined shrine

      Seleiz's Tapestry Piece Location

   Seleiz's Tapestry Scrap

7) Hiijar’s Tapestry Piece- Once inside the Forsaken Citadel Delve, make it through the dungeon. Once in the courtyard, follow the path to the north until you reach the Grand Lecture Hall. Inside the hall, turn right and go up the stairs. You’ll find the piece on the wall in the north east corner of the hall.

   Hiijar's Tapestry Piece Location - Forsaken Citadel Entrance


 Entrance to Forsaken Citadel


 Forsaken Citadel Courtyard - Hiijar's Tapestry Piece Location


  Hiijar's Tapestry Scrap


8) Grastia’s Tapestry Piece- On the side of a bookshelf inside a dilapidated windmill southeast of Senchal

     Grastia's Tapestry Piece Location 

 Grastia's Tapestry Piece

9) Dancer’s Tapestry Piece- In the Senchal Outlaw’s Refuge, up a set of stairs to the second floor, behind the counter where the fence named Meeh-Zah is

      Dancer's Tapestry Piece Location


      Senchal Outlaw Refuge - Dancer's Tapestry Piece Location


      Dancer's Tapestry Scrap


10) Farro’s Tapestry Piece: Inside Marzuk’s tower south of the Western Plains wayshrine, near the coast. Enter Marzuk’s tower and you will find the piece attached to a pillar

     Farro's Tapestry Piece Location

    Farro's Tapestry Scrap

11) Kesta’s Tapestry Piece – Northwest of Senchal on top of a rock formation you will find the piece on a curved palm tree

        Kesta's Tapestry Piece Location

   Kesta's Tapestry Scrap

12) Jarro’s Tapestry Piece- Up a ramp near the Outlaw’s Refuge entrance In southern Senchal, on top of a small bed.

     Jarro's Tapestry Piece Location

 Jarro's Tapestry Scrap

Once you have recovered and placed all the tapestry pieces you will gain the Pieces of History achievement and your collection will be updated with the furnishing item: Khajiit of the Moons Replica. When you are inside one of your houses, the furnishing item can be found in the ‘Gallery’ section in the housing editor, under ‘Display’.

Khajiit of the Moons Replica Housing Editor Location