Elsweyr Mural Fragments: Rithana-di-Renada Guide

Hello my fellow furnishers! This guide will help you get a replica of Rithana-di-Renada , an ancient Khajiiti mural that has light animation and sings a lovely song. When you complete this guide, you will also get the Mural Mender Achievement.



To begin, you will need to get the quest from the curator for the House of Histories, Iraya, in Riverhold. The entrance to the House of Histories is on the west side of the building. Once inside, take the door to The Kingdoms Exhibit and follow the stairs down.


  House of Histories Location



Thieves have stolen the mural fragments that she and her sibling restored and they are now scattered throughout Northern Elsweyr. Luckily for us, the thieves left us with a clue.

Iraya will suggest that we proceed to the Tomb of the Serpents. And thus, starts our adventure to find the missing fragments for the mural.

1) Anequina Fragment – The first fragment is found in the nearby delve: Tomb of the Serpents

  Tomb of the Serpents

 Anequina Fragment


When you pick up the first fragment, Rajhin’s shadow will appear and tell you his story. He will give you a book called the Riddles of the Rithana-di-Renanda which holds clues to the other missing fragments. 

  Rahjin's Shadow

  Riddles of the Rithana-di-Renada 1


  Riddles of the Rithana-di-Renada 2


Below is a map of where all 16 fragments are located.

Northern Elsweyr:  Location of Mural Fragments

Elsweyr Mural Fragment Locations

1) Anequina Fragment
2) Riverhold Fragment
3) Rimmen Fragment
4) Kenarthia Fragment
5) Dune Fragment
6) Verkarth Fragment

7) Merivale Fragment
8) Pellitine Fragment
9) Alabaster Fragment
10) Senchal Fragment
11) Orcrest Fragment
12) Corinthe Fragment

13) Helkarn Fragment
14) Bruk’ra Fragment
15) Tenmar Fragment
16) Torval Fragment

2) Riverhold Fragment – Found under an archway in the Abode of Ignominy delve in the first room on the right.

  Abode of Ignominy

 Riverhold Fragment

3) Rimmen Fragment – Located in a corner of the room filled with lava.

  Rimmen Necropolis

 Rimmen Fragment

4) Kenarthia Fragment – South east of Rimmen, located in the middle of a ruined home.

 Khenarthia Fragment Location

 Khenarthia Fragment

5) Dune Fragment – East of Star Haven wayshrine, beneath an arch rock formation.

 Dune Fragment Location

 Dune Fragment

6) Verkarth Fragment – Inside Predator Mesa delve, located in a cave.

  Verkarth Fragment Location - Predator Mesa

 Verkarth Fragment

7) Meirvale Fragment – West of “The Prowl” landmark, located in a small chasm below a tree.

 Meirvale Fragment Location

 Meirvale Fragment

8) Pellitine Fragment –  Up a flight of stairs,  located in a temple-like structure.

 Pellitine Fragment Location 

 Pellitine Fragment

9) Alabaster Fragment – South of Scar’s Edge world boss

  Alabaster Fragment Location

  Alabaster Fragment

10) Senchal Fragment – North East of the Bone Pit world boss

 Senchal Fragment Location

  Senchal Fragment

11) Orcrest Fragment – Inside the Orcrest public dungeon

  Orcrest Public Dungeon Fragment location

 Orcrest Fragment

12) Corinthe Fragment – Between the Weeping Scar and Shadow Dance Ruin landmarks

 Corinthe Fragment Location

 Corinthe Fragment

13) Helkarn Fragment – Follow the dotted path that leads southwest from the The Stitches. Follow the path south until you can go west. Follow the path west until you see 4 pillars. The fragment is in between them.

 Helkarn Fragment Location

 Helkarn Fragment

14) Bruk’ra Fragment – Inside The Tangle, situated in the water near the middle of the delve.

 Bruk’ra Fragment Location - The Tangle

 Bruk'ra Fragment

15) Tenmar Fragment – At the “Two Moons at Tenmar Temple” landmark, outside, behind a female Khajiit statue, to the right of the temple entrance

  Tenmar Fragment Location

 Tenmar Fragment

16) Torval Fragment – North of Talon Gulch world boss, nestled inside a large tree stump.

 Torval Fragment Location

 Torval Fragment


You can turn in any of the fragments that you find at any time to the House of Histories.

When you have placed all the fragments in the mural, Iraya will offer you an additional quest. She’s disappointed that there is no music because legends say that mural is supposed to play a song representing the harmony of the Khajiit people.

Proceed to inspect the mural and Rajhin’s Shadow will appear. He will admit that he stole another item, the Singing Crystal. He will send you to the Sugar-Slinger’s Den to retrieve it. Follow the quest marker north of Riverhold and meet Qa’jahd, who will bring you to the Sugar-Slinger’s Den. Once inside, you will have to be sneaky and steal the item back.


 Sugar-Slinger's Den


Once you retrieve the Singing Crystal, bring the final piece to Iraya and place it in the middle of the mural. Your collection will be updated with the furnishing item Replica Rithana-di-Renada and you will complete the Mural Mender achievement. The furnishing item can be found in the ‘Gallery’ section in the housing editor, under ‘Display’.

Replica Rithana-di-Renada

The mural has a little light show and plays music! Note: no, you can’t turn the music off…